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Feb 13, 2013 9:00am EST
isn't just between big government and big business. >> that brings us to this morning's squawk. >> it was a tough gig. >> exactly. >> other than samsung and golden spring, what product shid mshoud marco rubio be a spokesman for? it was an ungraceful move to get -- to go out of frame and get the bottle. do i do it, do i not? >> the irony is a lot of people saw that as him opening his campaign for the candidacy of the gop last night. for 2016. because of the way in which he addressed it. it was much more to the rank and file to the gop than mainstream america. >> that's true. we're also saying it neither helped nor hurt him. >> no. >> it was sort of middle of the road. and unremarkable. aside from the -- >> a young politician. mark zuckerburg is hosting a fund-raiser tonight for new jersey governor chris christie who is seeking reelection. jane wells is at the expo in california. good morning, jane. >> hey, simon. this is a massey ferguson wind rower, can be yours for $175,000. farmers have money and they're spending it despite the drought. the usda said the good times may not la
Feb 12, 2013 9:00am EST
spending and more government. i feel like we're just going to get the details of that tonight. >> there's been a lot of discussion about how you go about with a big agenda. some say it's his last chance to go big. when you still have so many economic anxieties at work. do you think tonight's speech will be about jobs and middle class, or will it bleed into guns and immigration? >> i think it will be a little of both. i think what the president owes the american people is an explanation of why he wants to continue down a road where it's not working, we still have high unemployment, one of the worst recoveries we've had ever. this prescription that he has prescribed for our economy, more borrowing, more spending, hasn't really brought about the jobs he said we were going to have. republicans, on the other hand, are going to talk tonight about how we're going to get america back to work, getting government out of the way, and facilitating the american people to get good jobs, and to get this economy back on some kind of a recovery track. >> that's going to involve marco rubio, giving the r
Feb 14, 2013 9:00am EST
to citizenship and keep people that we educate. i'm telling you, in government trade, he mentioned that. let's do it. it take us four years to get panama and south korea done. it was on the bush table. it took four years to negotiate and we didn't get anything else new. those trade agreements would do all kinds of things for exports. >> are you at all nostalgic about -- ge out of nbc and comcast is running it well. >> comcast has done a great job. look, the market said good for both companies. the market said comcast got a great bunch of assets. ge has more cash to do things with. time and men's fortunes change. you go with the flow. >> every time they do a deal, they say it's great for both parties. stock goes up in one case and down in the other. ge is in one, can use the money, comcast in another and actually worked. >> worked out well. comcast has a great set of assets now a ge has cash to invest in what they want to do. we all do it differently in our times. >> jack, we love you, on valentine's day especially. >> happy valentine's day. >> merger thursday with all these deals. huge day on wal
Feb 15, 2013 9:00am EST
that insurance product. they're u talking about getting that data out and allowing the government to tell companies what it knows about how often these attacks are happening and then companies can start in the private sector free market kind of a way, respond and insurance is just one of the ways they would do it. >> this is a bigger issue here than under the present law. companies are exempt from the fallout of a major cyber attack because it would be considered effectively an act of war. don't you need to change that so that the company has liability and therefore, there is a cost benefit in them investing in it nor heavily? >> actually, what they're talking about here is proposing legislation that congress would have to work on that would give companies more limited liabilities here in the case of cyber attacks and that way, they'd be more willing to come forward and cooperate with the government. a lot of this is about the government encouraging companies to come out of the shadows and talk to them about what's happening. a lot of companies don't want to admit the degree to which they
Feb 11, 2013 9:00am EST
the performance that both stocks suffered last week after the government chose to sue. there's a look at moody's. perhaps they benefited from not having a paper trail, or email trail, taking steps to curb emails at the company, starting as far back as 2005. perhaps one reason why the evidence is not there enough, at least to have the u.s. government also charge moody's. abo but that continues to be a real question. moody's stock price got hit. >> blumenthal said if there's any equity, there will be other defendants named. obviously moody's ostensibly will be one of those. mcgraw-hill has earnings tomorrow, so maybe clarity on that situation as well. carnival? the cruise ship story out over the weekend. triumph lost power on the coast of the yucatan. lost propulsion power. they still had generator power and food and water, but had to be towed in. passengers going to get a full credit, i think. and a credit for a future cruise. one more bad thing for the industry. we'll see what it does. the pricing, the concordia did not have a lasting effect on pricing. >> not at all. that was amazing. this is
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5